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New Cell Phone Policy

by Sunil Rao (’11)

“I thought it would be done by the end of first quarter,” said Head Prefect Anirudha Balasubramanian, but “it took until the end of the third quarter.”

St. Albans new policy on student cell phone use was introduced Continue reading


In Memoriam: Wesley Brockington Sr.


Wesley Brockington, who passed away on May 30, 2010, was St. Albans’ most senior employee. Mr. Brockington started working in the STA kitchen in 1952. For almost sixty years he served as chef for all the boys, teachers and staff members who dined in the Refectory. He is remembered for his commitment, wisdom, and infectious sense of humor. He was nothing less than an institution within an institution. In 1999, in recognition of his unique record of service, Mr Brockington was named an honorary alumnus of the School. The 2000 Yearbook observed: “Forty nine years ago Wesley Brockington made his first meal for the faculty and students of St Albans school. Since then…he has been the early morning spark of this great St Albans flame, and he has been an inspiration to us all.” The STA community mourns an old friend. His wife Rose Irene Brockington died before him. He is survived by Ethel Mae Jordan and eleven children and step-children.

In Grambo We Trust: The End of an Era

by Conor Goetz (’11)

Friday, May 28 was Precalculus teacher Mr. Richard Graham’s last day teaching at St. Albans.  After 18 years at St. Albans, Mr. Graham decided to Continue reading

Scott Hall Brings Smart Green Architecture to NCS Campus

by Mariah Joyce (’12)

When one walks into Scott Hall, the newly completed addition to the NCS campus, a sign announces that there are only “5.6 Million to Go!” until enough money is raised to pay for Continue reading

Teacher Tenure Declines

by Nicko Gladstone (’12)

The Reverend William Billow has taught at St. Albans for 25 years. Richard Graham has been here for 18. Both will retire from their full-time jobs this year. As much as they have meant to the school, they may be some of the last remnants of a dying breed: faculty and staff who stay in one place for an extended period of time. Continue reading